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The brief was to renovate an existing house and create a calm, secure and easily managed home, which would provide a comfortable lifestyle for the family when they are in the country. High quality workmanship and low maintenance were priorities and the aim was to remodel the property so that it would not require constant maintenance or structural changes for the next ten years.
Taugadi house was built over 20 years ago, with ornate features such as arches. Although we appreciated many aspects of the original house, there were some aspects that our clients asked that we resolve. One request was for the house to be a modern contemporary home that boasts clean lines, it needed to feel “grounded” in order to induce the warm, earthy feel it surrounds. Its landscape should take reference from Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens and Cradle of Humankind which are within close proximity.
The house was a three bedroom with three bathrooms and a powder room. The clients felt there wasn’t enough bedrooms and bathrooms for the entire family so we, changed the master bedroom to being the oldest daughters bedroom and added an in suite to her bedroom. We changed the entire pitched roof to a slab roof and utilized, the space above the garage to create a grand master bedroom, in suite and a walk in closet with a sky light. To create the required warm and tranquil feel of all the bedrooms and pajama lounge wooden engineered flooring have been installed . The area that previously had a tools shed we have created a cozy guest bedroom with an in suite.

Location: South Africa

Year: 2018-2020

Services we offered: Project Management, Interior Design, Creative Direction, Construction, Product Development Landscaping, Interior Styling

Photography: Photography By Alon