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Mosadi Wa Moafrica African Women

Mosadi wa Moafrica is a celebration of an African women in all her glory. For many centuries there has been little to no representation of African women in the interior spaces. It’s about African women reclaiming their identity in their different shades, shapes and sizes. Mosadi wa moafrica work’s to strike conversation about how African women’s imagery has been distorted in society. By reshaping and reclaiming these representations and demonstrating what our bodies represent be it our curves or our different shades of melanin, not forgetting the importance of African female’s bodies run more than just skin deep.

Price: R800.00

Indzila bar stool

Indzila bar stool is inspired by the chocker historically worn by married women in the Ndebele tribe as a symbol of their bond and faithfulness to their husbands.. I’ve made the use of brass which represents gold as throughout history, gold has been idolized across cultures for its scared properties. The indzila bar stool tells a story of our African heritage in which traditional garments and jewellery have been passed down from generation to generation as a result making it our African inheritance. This beautiful neckpiece has changed fashion on a global scale by being represented on movies such as Black Panther the indzila is more than a fashion accessory it is a statement of the beauty of culture, loyalty and pride.

Price: R12000.00